четвртак, 31 март 2011 02:47    ПДФ Штампа Eл. пошта
Dacic to be dismissed!

SNP NASI 1389 demands an urgent dismissal of the Police Minister Ivica Dacic, who is obviously not aware of security threats in Serbia, who is openly betraying national interests and who is working against the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia.
In his statement relating to the current security status in Serbia, Police Minister Ivica Dacic stated it to be “phenomenal”, whilst in a statement for FONET, Orhan Redzepi, Deputy President of the Presevo Municipality Assembly, stated that “The Presevo valley must become a part of Kosovo, respectively Albania”.
Redzepi is known as a former Commander within the terrorist organization OVPBM and is still walking the streets freely and sending threats to the Serbian state.
On the other hand, Britain’s Ambassador, Michael Davenport, is freely exploring Serbia and getting involved in Serbia’s internal affairs and is visiting separatist movements in the area of Raska and at the same time is instructing on how the Serbian Government must act in relation to actual issues in this area.
We direct a question to the minister of police and ask if he is aware of the fact that the candidate for the president of the illegal republic “Kosovo” owns properties in Serbia and that his OMV fuel stations are working without any obstruction.

SNP NASI 1389 is questioning how it is possible that the police minister did not react in any of these cases and asks if the minister is corrupted by Albanian tycoons who are fighting for the separation of territories within the Republic of Serbia.