четвртак, 28 април 2011 11:14    ПДФ Штампа Eл. пошта
Serbian footballs without Kosovo and Metohija in toy stores

Serbian National Movement Nasi 1389 is alerting the public that footballs have appeared in toy stores across Serbia which contain an image of Serbia without Kosovo and Metohija. These balls are for now sold in several shops, whose owners are in most cases citizens of the People's Republic of China, located in Nis and other cities in southern Serbia. SNP Nasi 1389 activists have informed authorized inspection services yesterday and have also personally suggested to the sellers that such balls should not be sold. SNP Nasi 1389 are expecting for the balls to be withdrawn from stores and to be destroyed, and that the persons responsible for giving authority for the disputed toys to be imported and put into circulation, to be punished. 

SNP Nasi 1389 believes it is unacceptable that children growing up in Serbia are playing with toys that include the wrong map of the state in which they live. We remind the public that we were the first to react in several earlier cases, when the map of Serbia without Kosovo and Metohija appeared on the website of the Ombudsman, the Tourist Organization of Nis, the Serbian Radio Television and some private companies. After each of our public reactions to such matters, the problem was resolved by removing the disputed maps and we expect the same to be done in this instance. 
Information Service SNP Nasi 1389