среда, 11 мај 2011 08:23    ПДФ Штампа Eл. пошта
Action: United thieves of Serbia

SNP NASI 1389 activists interrupted the stand held by the Party of Regions of Serbia, which was held on the 10th of May in Mladenovac, where the spokeswoman was the vice president of the Government of Serbia and G17 Plus vice president, Verica Kalanovic. At the beginning of the stand, SNP NASI 1389 activists unrolled a banner that read "UNITED THIEVES OF SERBIA – Dinkic, Verko, Kalanovic.” 

This sent a clear message to the "party of thieves" that they are undesirable in Sumadija. Furthermore, at the debate they spoke of the same lies that Dinkic had spoken of for the past number of years, and when asked about the promised thousand Euro’s and the economic collapse, Kalanovic had shouted out that she is "an honest person as she is a mother of two children." This type of policy led by Dinkic and his followers has led to the situation that many mothers with more than two children do not have the funds to feed their sons and daughters, because the thieves from G17 +, now known as the Party of Regions, has economically ruined them.

Information Service SNP NASI 1389