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Prosecution of tycoons – for Serbia to live

SNP NASI 1389 started a campaign for the ‘Prosecution of tycoons – for Serbia to live’, posters have been put up in several towns across Serbia, and have been welcomed by citizens with enthusiasm and approval. 

As the public is aware, most of the current political parties are funded by some tycoons and monopolist’s who have ruined the Serbian state and impoverished people, and so far no one wanted or had the courage to engage with them in a serious showdown. SNP NASI 1389 as part of their policy principles, one of the main goals of the revival of the Serbian state is dependent on the arrest of tycoons and the seizure of property and companies which will be returned to civil service and the money will be invested in production. 

The poster campaign is aimed at drawing public and citizen attention to the real culprits responsible for the economic collapse of the state, and until it comes down to dealing with them, any future government will not be able to bring fundamental change or social betterment of the citizens of Serbia. 

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Photos from the poster campaign: