уторак, 17 мај 2011 10:03    ПДФ Штампа Eл. пошта
Selective justice of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Novi Pazar!
Serbian National Movement NASI 1389 requests that the police in Novi Pazar immediately identify and arrest the responsible people behind the death threats which were carried out eight months ago by telephone and via the Internet site "Sandzak press”, and directed towards our now coordinator of the SNP 1389 for Raska, Darko Panovic. Panovic received threats due to being a representative of the “Initiative for Serbian Novi Pazar” in September 2010, when he applied to hold a prayer meeting in this city after which the web site "Sandzak press", which is run by al Mufti Muamer Zukorlic, published his private phone and personal information.

Revolted by the fact that for eight months, the Novi Pazar police has not had the will to arrest the people that threatened him with death, on 11th May Panović carried out an individual performance by advising the Novi Pazar police that a bomb has been planted at the "Bajrak freedom" meeting place in Novi Pazar. As expected, the inspector who for eight months couldn't apparently find the person who threatened him with "beheading" and "of impalement", had "discovered" and arrested Panovic after only 19 hours and 13 minutes following his phone call. Panovic wastaken to the police station in Novi Pazar. 

Having immediately admitted the action and explained his unusual motives, Panović was released the same night to defend himself outside of prison. SNP NASI 1389 request from the Police Minister Ivica Dacic, to explain how it is possible that those who send threats to Serbs via telephone and the Internet have not been found for months, while in some other cases the "guilty" are found in less than 24 hours.



Information Service SNP NASI 1389

Photo: Darko Panovic