уторак, 17 мај 2011 10:08    ПДФ Штампа Eл. пошта
Regime prohibited SNP NASI 1389 stand in Leskovac
As instructed by "the police in Belgrade," said Leskovac police chief, SNP NASI 1389 meeting stand is prohibited in Leskovac, which was supposed to take place on Saturday 14th May. However, many people gathered in front of the Regional Chamber of Commerce where it was scheduled so the activists of SNP NASI 1389 took them to the office of the movement that is currently being renovated, and which should be open in the next few days.

The crowd of people, who managed to come to the office, as the police was preventing approach to the office, were greeted by Ivan Ivanovic and Dr. Milos Minic. During the conversation, police raided the premises and recorded all present people, whilst people who had gathered in front of the office were requested to provide identification. Ivan Ivanovic spoke about the basic goals of the movement, the prosecution of tycoons, Euro-Asian integration and the current problems.

The pressures imposed by the regime did not stop activists of SNP NASI 1389 from gathering and forming a committee of SNP NASI 1389 in Leskovac. SNP NASI 1389 has gained one more strong committee in southern Serbia and we wish them prosperous work.


Information Service SNP NASI 1389


Photo: Police entering premises of SNP NASI 1389 without a warrant

Фото: Иван Ивановић и др Милош Минић (десно)