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Support for Ratko Mladic!

Activists of the Serbian National Movement NASI 1389 participated in the rally of support for General Ratko Mladic, which was held on Sunday 29th May, in front of the Parliament of Serbia. The rally and the atmosphere showed the strong anti-Hague and anti-regime mood of the citizens of Serbia and that General Mladic, despite the false accusations and media satanization, has the respect of citizens.

Serbian National Movement NASI 1389 is informing the public that the meeting was preceded by the violation of freedom of movement and police repression against mostly members of SNP NASI 1389. Specifically, a group of about a hundred activists of NASI 1389 were stopped in Resavska Street and were surrounded by police. What followed was a detailed search, where nothing incriminating was found, and it was then that the police extracted ten youths who had sweatshirts with a hood, or who were not in possession of ID cards. The police then asked the crowd to disperse, with threats that they will be arrested, arguing that the organizer of the meeting, the Serbian Radical Party, does not want NASI 1389 to attend the rally.

Only an hour later, following the intervention by the deputy of SRS, Milan Avramovic, who provided the police an official identification card and said that there is no request that we should be stopped from attending the rally, that the police finally allowed us to pass.

Arrested SNP 1389 activists were taken to the police station Stari Grad (the White House) where they were physically abused, slapped, strangled and hit with belts in the head just because they did not have identity cards or the cards were expired. Minister of Internal Affairs, Ivica Dacic, during his appearance in the daily news of channel RTS presented information that there were 17 arrests of NASI 1389 activists made at the rally but did not disclose the fact that they were all the arrested before the protest due to identity check requirements. None of the NASI 1389 activists were apprehended due to riots or disorderly behavior. Serbian National Movement NASI 1389 in the coming days will organize a protest outside the police station Palilula because of police brutality.

SNP NASI 1389 activists did not take part in the riots that broke out but came to the aid of the Serbian Radical Party monitors who were trying to rein in the police instructed group of criminals that provoked riots in an attempt to cast a shadow on the rally of support for Ratko Mladic.

Our SNP activists at a rally in 1389 came with banners, "No to NATO, No entry into the EU", Ratko Mladic Serbian Hero "and shouting slogans "Save Serbia and kill yourself Boris Tadic", " Serbia, Russia, do not need a union" and "Tadic Ustasa.”

He live hero Ratko Mladic, Stop the Hague Tribunal, Stop Boris Tadic!

SNP NASI Information Service 1389

PHOTO: Violation of freedom of movement in Resavska Street