понедељак, 30 мај 2011 04:22    ПДФ Штампа Eл. пошта
Torture of prisoners at the police station Palilula!

Serbian National Movement NASI 1389 informs the public that on Sunday 29th May at the police station Palilula, 17 detained persons were brutally beaten of which ten are members of the SNP NASI 1389.

Police in Resavska Street around 18:30h stopped a group of about a hundred people mostly activists of SNP NASI 1389 who were on their way to the rally of support for Ratko Mladic. After legitimizing it was determined that 17 individuals (ten members of NASI 1389) did not have identity cards or had expired cards and those persons were taken to the police station Palilula in Mije Kovacevic Street No.15 to verify identity.

Immediately upon arrival at the so-called “White House”, as this police station is called, at the front of the door they were greeted by three police officers who struck blows to detainee’s stomachs and chests to the point where they lost air. Then they would be taken in by other officers in the building and asked what was wrong with them, and if someone said that they were hit by colleagues of the officers, they immediately suffered a new blow. When one of those arrested complained that he had heart surgery and that he must not take blows to the chest, the Station Commander said "Well, then we'll slap you" and the beatings continued.

The torture lasted an hour, was attended by 15 officers in total and one of those arrested was also strangled with a belt. One of the police thugs’ last name was Prica. The detainees were slapped, beaten with fists and batons, and then they were asked to put their hands on the table and then batons were used to hit their arms. The psychopaths in blue were not only fulfilled by the physical torture, one of the police officers started giving questions to the detainees relating to the biography of Ratko Mladic and if anyone that did not know the answer, they got slapped.

All of the arrested were released by midnight, but the officer who drafted the police record statements refused to enter the detainee’s statements that they were subjected to physical torture at the police station.  SNP NASI 1389 will register a protest rally in front of the police station Palilula this week.

Information Service SNP NASI 1389